Why you did`t hear anything about competitions

Hey fellows,

I am writing to you, because I have more time than the last month. It was a crazy year 2015 - I`ve traveled a lot, met nice peoples, had fun while running competitions and, for sure, I`ve had a successful season.

Than 2016 came up: My plans - no plans - just wanted to stay alive and finish my exam. I just ran two competitions without any specific preparation. I had a lot to work to become a teacher. In-between all those tests for my teacher status, I had a short but adventures trip with the MTB over the alps. But 2016, a year without a big sportive goal, was quite to long.

And now it`s 2017. I registered for some races for now and there is a big thing I want to join in October. My plan is to race at Bilstein Ultra Trail (57k), ZUT (39k or 62K - does`t know yet) and Lichtenstein Sky Race (42k) before train more specific at alpine paths for the Skyrunning Continental Championships in Spain.

For now, my training works well. I did a lot of meters and tested some speed. Hope to be back in 2017.

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