Sziols Sportsglasses is a very familiar company, with people like us, who really love to be outdoors. They picked up a huge problem, everyone who is running, biking or hiking knows best. Your goggles steam up while sweating or changing conditions, besides the problem that the most sportsglasses won`t fit with your head. They`ve engineered a system, which is pretty easy to use.

First of all, you`ll get a frame. You can turn the ends tight to your head, when you make them hot with a hair dryer. The form is fixed but as flexible as you`ll need it. Also it`s possible to repeat this process.

Second, you can choose between two options for your nose fitting. A one-piece or two-pieces nose holder. For me, the one-piece holder was perfect, maybe for bigger ones the others would be perfect.

Third, you can choose your color way. Every tiny part can be changed in it`s color. The best option is to coordinate it with the most necessary part, the glass. There are many options to use. For mostly every kind of weather conditions, light and style. All of them can be chosen with antifog and a special coating to repeal water. It´s a one-piece-glass, that you can easily mount by pin on the frame and turn the small safety horizontal. That`s all you need and it`s definitely worth it, to have one or two or three of them. 

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