Olympus OMD Mark 5 II


"This camera is kind of super innovative, extremely tough and lightweight. Perfect for all of you crazy trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts."




16MP Micro-Four-Third Sensor

serial picture mode >10/sec

Full HD 60fps

5-Axis-Stabilisation System (best I´ve ever filmed with)

robust and weatherproofed body (water, dust, ice)

360° variangle 3"-touch-display 

electronic viewer with 100% field and >2.35mio Pixels

body <420g

63MP high resolution shot (RAW)

WiFi and App-control

many pro lenses

"I can put this system camera into my running backpack, without any hesitation of rain and shock. Furthermore, I can film and take photos in any situation and I really mean any situation."

optic & haptic

If you are interested in the OMD 5 Mark II, you`ll get a system camera in retro optic but with modern technical specs. It has a tough magnesium alloy and is proofed for rain, dust, ice and shock. That means, you can take photos or film by pouring rain, within a sandstorm, in cold places with degrees down to -10° and if you like to run, rock or shock, this camera won`t leave you so far. 


I like this optical retro design and especially the dimension of this camera. It has a small handgrip on the right side. It`s possible to hold it tight, but if you have bigger hands, I advise you to extend the grip with the external bar. Otherwise you can hold it with the ribbon. No matter to your hands, the dial wheels are very pro. They can be locked and have a very nice point of pressure. Even if you have wet fingers, it`s possible to dial through the menu, because of the grippy wheels. Furthermore, the top is very handsome and by that, the body is easily to clean under water, when you have dirty hands by taking photos on the trail.


Moreover, the micro four third system reduces the weight of the whole system, because lenses are lighter and smaller than to DSLR`s. You can easily take this cam to your favorite sport, into a bag or pack, no matter of rough terrain and changing weather. For that, I`ve loved to take photos in the rain, because I couldn`t do it so far with other cams like the Nikon D5300


One thing I don`t like so far is the 360° swiveling display. There are many options by this system, such as new perspectives from the ground or above the head, as well as taking selfies and see what you do. But I like the old version of the first OMD 5, with "just" a foldable display. This would make this camera even more compact, although you will have to crick yourself a bit more. Equal to the mechanism of the monitor, the touch function is reasoned. You can lock the screen if you don`t want to touch or adjust it by mistake. Moreover you can change focus, settings and it`s possible to see the focus peaking by filming, which is very useful for high quality productions. Unfortunately, I don`t like the glossy displays at all, because it reflects a lot of light and it`s nearly impossible to see all the informations by bright sunlight. But you could help yourself with a flat foil. That makes sense to protect the display when you`ve forgot to fold the display.


I`ve used the 12-40mm pro lens for four weeks in a row and basically I am convinced by it. It is also weatherproofed and nice to handle. It has a super smooth manual focus, which will be activated by switching the focus ring forward. It would be nice to have a lock option. It occurs more often that I`ve switched to auto focus while filming. But maybe this is just a good sign, because of the most efficient internal stabilization system in this Olympus. With that, you can easily film in rough terrain, shake and shock and nevertheless, you`ll get smooth and calm videos and sharp photos.

"The Live-Composite mode is one of the best innovations besides the 5-axis-stabilisation system."

outdoor and trail specific modes and settings

If you love to be outside in the nature to take photos or making films, it is necessary to have a handsome, fast and rough camera like the OMD 5 Mark II. It brings some specific modes, that are really useful for high quality shootings or just some fun. 

Let`s begin with the Live Composite: This is a mode, you may know a little bit modified from all other cameras. It`s nothing other than a long time shutter up to minutes. It let you take beautiful light paintings, star tracks or just make the night to day. BUT -  and that is noticeable - Live Composite just "records" new light and leaves the background dark, or what ever you have set before. It makes it more easy to edit photos later, without having any frayed lights. You decide about the light.

The serial picture mode of a system camera is super fast. With focus tracking, the OMD can shot >10 pictures per second. Together with ISO up to 25.600 and the stabilization system, it`s possible to keep up the serial shot as fast as possible. That`s perfect for outdoor sports like trail running.

The big argument of this camera is the filming mode. It`s possible to film in auto mode. That`s ok, but not really high quality for semi or professional video editing. The only auto mode you need to know is the 5-axis stabilization system. Turn it on and you will get super smooth and quiet videos. It`s possible to run down a trail, to hike up a mountain, to play with your dog or to surf through the snow and fade out shocks. The camera will judge it for you. No wobbler, no blurred lines and even in the dark it`s possible to shot a photo without a tripod. Here you can get a comparison to an external stabilization system for GoPro Cameras. The OMD is so cool, that only this function is worth it to buy this camera if you want to make high quality recordings beside any action shot of a GoPro.

Another super interesting mode, is the 40MP-JPEG, or 63MP-RAW shot. You may think the same as I did, when I have read this specs. But it`s good to have these options.It´s possible to take photos with 40 or 63 megapixels through the sensor shift function. Within this mode, the camera takes eight photos in a row and add them into one great picture. It takes a few seconds, depends also from the speed of your SD-card. See the picture on the left side. It was a first try of combining Live Composite with a 63MP RAW. Not really spectacular, but if you zoom in the picture 100%, there are fine details without losing sharpness or get unduly noise. ATTENTION: This is no mode for moving objects. You will get unsharp pictures, like on the right side. But if you want to show the world some still-life (like picture 3), for example your new running shoes, this function is incredible awesome. Just fun to zoom in and out. Be surprised what you can have a look on.

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