Nikon D5300


The Nikon D5300 is my first digital SLR camera. I bought it in 2014. Before, I was shooting with a compact camera in manual modes. A comparison between these cams is no option, but I`ll show you why to use the D5300 as your perfect trail-picture-buddy.

24MP DX sensor - 1080/60f/s - GPS/WLAN - rotating/swiveling display - 5pictures/s



At first - and this is really the biggest argument for photographers - the image quality is incredible good for a DSLR with APS-C formated sensor. There are 24 million pixels, which will guarantee you sharp details. BUT ATTENTION: Your camera is always as good as your lenses are. What makes this camera useful for outdoor photography and trail running?

There are three reasons why you should buy another camera than the D5300. It doesn`t has any water, dust or shock protection. I thought a lot about it and now I am shooting over one and a half years, without any misfires. But I have to take a normal freezer-zipper-bag for shootings in the rain, dust or snow and be careful while climbing rocks or hitting downhill trails. Nevertheless there are a lot of more reasons to buy this camera. Apart from a good image quality with powerful lenses (and shooting in RAW), the D5300 has integrated GPS, which will give you informations about the shooting location in the wilderness. Also you can film with 60fps in full HD mode, which will allow you to get smooth slow motions. Furthermore it has integrated Wifi and you can download an APP for iOS and Android, where you can adjust your settings, take a selfie or upload and edit your content for the web as fast as possible. (Tip: Lightroom mobile for iOS/Android to edit your pictures at the best office of the world, the trail.)

The swiveable and tiltable display give you new options in shooting and allows new perspectives like near the ground - without getting dirty knees, because trail runners never get dirty knees - or from above, for example on small ridges. The burst mode, with 5fps is not the fastest, but sufficient when hold tight a special moment. The auto focus works precise, even if I love to take the manual one. There is another option I love to play with - the interval mode. You can capture nice time lapses for videos, like every good trail film has. Together with another App (DslrDashboard), you can even program time lapses from day to night or the other way round, to set ISO and other adjustments without losing image quality. The one of the most important arguments for me - the small size. The most DSLR`s are much bigger & heavier and make it impossible to run fast. I can combine it with a carbine to my trail back pack, or just stuff it into the small trail vest. With the right attachment, it`s possible to stick the objective into the front pockets and tie the body with the flexible tapes.

If you want to check the specs, move over to Nikon.

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