Hotspot Porto

My last flight with a plane was about 8 years back. So I was a bit nervous before the start. To distract myself, I turned on my camera and did`t turned it off until I was back in Germany. This should have been a short trip to escape from the bad weather conditions in Germany. Before the start of the journey, I had to decide what the most required stuff is I really need. Luckily I preferred a lot of lenses ahead of cloths and shoes and anything. This made it to a photo-voyage. Take a look at these stunning pictures and get enchanted ...

I came there by metro and found my hut near the central station, next to the big city life. A lot of people where walking around - everybody and anything was so lively. Just around the corner, I found a lot of nice bars, cafes and shops. But the heart of Porto is situated next to the big iron bridge. Peoples life seemed to be relaxed. Everybody was sitting, talking and walking around. Faces into the sun, shoes in their hands and just watching those smalls boats swinging Portos best wine at the river. If you are a mountaineer, this situation is like another world for a short time. Most of the time I am out in the mountains for myself or with a couple of friends. To find this feeling in a million-city, I had to discover the wild places. 

I hired a bike and drove out of the city. Half an our later I found myself at the beach. Besides me, there just where some surfer boys and girls spinning their boards through the waves. I heard nothing then the rush of the Atlantic Ocean and some seagulls. This place felt like being outdoor - wild, untouched, stunning. 

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