[A]rt [O]f [T]railrunning

`urbantrailrunning - art of trailrunning` is a project I found in 2012, when I started to take my camera to the trail. The name `urbantrailrunning` stands for the location I did most of my trainings and took a lot of pictures - it`s the surrounding of Kassel. A beautiful city with huge parks and it`s landmark, the statue of `Hercules`. It`s possible to run a total vertical gain of 1000m within 10km, although the highest point is just 530m. It just takes a few minutes to run out of the city and hit the most beautiful trails of middle mountains. Exactly those trails caused me to keep occupied with photography. The art of trail running are pictures, stories and emotions - but not only of Kassel. I expanded my trainings and competitions to south Germany and Europe, where the big mountains waited for me. Trail running is not just a sport, it`s a lifestyle and I`ve tried to couple it with art. It´s about outdoor-, landscape- and sport-photography. See my work here:

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